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Worthy Zotye SUV Models, Enjoyment of Zero Interest2015-10-30 17:37:00
Recently, Chery Finance Service and Zotye Yongkang BU jointly launched 1-year loan products: Balloon Loan 424 and Balloon Loan 333 (link product pages) for T600 and T200, to meet retail consumers’ diverse automobile loan needs. Every buyer of Zotye T600 and T200 can choose the 1-year Balloon Loan 424 and Balloon Loan 333 products to enjoy zero loan interest. Partners of the special offer: Yongkang Zotye dealers in direct cooperation with Chery Finance Service, Chery Finance Service agencies in cooperation with Yongkang Zotye dealers; time of the special offer: Sept. 1, 2015- Dec. 31, 2015.

Hot Models of Zotye 
As Zotye’s ready SUV models, T600 and T200 have realized rapid growth in sales, particularly the hot model T600. Since it was launched on Dec. 22, 2013, it has found favor in consumers’ eyes. During Jan. –July 2015, its average monthly sales volume was nearly 10,000 vehicles. T600 carries a 1.5T/2.0T engine. Depending on its outstanding appearance, marvelous interior trim, strong power, perfect safety and humanized technology, it has achieved a remarkable market performance.

Zotye Holdings Group was founded in 2003. It’s a private business that has manufacturing finished automobile, engine, mould, sheet metal parts, gearbox and other key auto parts as core business. It has become one of the fastest growing automobile manufacturers in China. Zotye has two brands, i.e. Zotye Auto and Jiangnan Auto. Its products cover such market segments as sedan, SUB, MPV, and new energy automobile. It has more than 700 initial distributors. In June 2015, it realized an accumulative total sales volume of over 1 million vehicles and ranked among the top 10 Chinese proprietary passenger vehicle brands for sales volume.