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New Fulwin 2, Advance for Love——Love in Your Heart, Advance under Your Feet2015-10-30 17:45:00
Carrying on Chery brand’s systematic development, phased achievements and unique charm—— Chery New Fulwin 2 takes the lead in guiding the trend in A0 market segment and starts a new chapter titled“Advance for Love”for a wonderful life.
Every buyer of New Fulwin 2 can choose the loan solution of Chery Finance Service and pay 20% of the full price as a down payment to enjoy a length of maturity as long as 5 years. There is no requirement on the buyer’s household registration or house property ownership. The formalities are very simple. The fastest loan approval can be finished in one day. Urban young people on the rise in their careers can start a new life with a private car without any financial pressure. For specific time and detailed information, please inquire of the local dealers.
52 All-round Upgrades——Building a New Technology Benchmark for A0
New Fulwin 2 carries on the“quality, technology, internationalization” product development philosophy. It integrates Chery’s superior resources, introduces new design on the basis of successful models, and unprecedentedly gathers all the latest technologies of Chery, including a series of 52 upgrades applied to shape, space, safety and technology. 16 superior upgrades including the“master-level streamline body, warehouse-level large trunk, millisecond-level brake adjustment, library-level mute system”make New Fulwin 2 a new technology benchmark of second to none in the A0 market segment, bringing a far-reaching influence on the competition pattern in A0 market segment. The whole series is equipped with leather seats, a multi-functional steering wheel, backing radar and other humanized configurations, adds with a sunshine roof and AMT automatic transmission, to improve driving comfort and meet different consumers’ needs at the same time.

Technology upgrading is not to pursue a leading position in the market. The ultimate aim is to meet consumers’ needs. With “Advance for Love” as theme, targeting urban young people’s travel demand, New Fulwin 2 inspires people to embrace the enterprising spirit and pursue “happiness”of a higher level. Matched with Chery Finance Service’s financing policies, it’s a good choice to young people in the career growth stage.