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Beauty Wins——Arrizo 72015-10-30 17:48:00
Sine it was launched, the market performance of Arrizo has been good. Both its practicability and performance are recognized by consumers. To repay our new and old customers, Chery Finance Service specially customizes favorable financing solutions for Arrizo 7, to meet consumers’ need for upgraded automobile consumption more comprehensively
Every buyer of Arrizo 7 can choose the loan solution of Chery Finance Service to enjoy the special offer of a loan with zero interest for Arrizo 7.
Program 1: the length of maturity is 12 months, you only need to pay 50% of the full price as a down payment, and repay the loan in full with one payment in the 12th month on maturity;Program 2: the length of maturity is 12 months, the minimum down payment is from 20% of the full price, and the loan is repaid in monthly installments. You can make different choices of loans according to your financial status.

A Contemporary Model of Beauty
About beauty, how does many answers exist? Originated from the fashionable design by world-class masters, Arrizo 7 has water as its design inspiration. It perfectly interprets today’s new aesthetic trends, elegance, simpleness and fashion, like the solidification of water, sending out irresistible attractions. With true feelings inside, it makes people fall in love with it at the first sight. This is the charm of a design that meets the popular taste. If there are 100 kinds of views, Arrizo 7 will have 100 kinds of beauties. With a good appearance, as well as strength, Arrizo 7 is equipped with lots of high-tech devices, giving it the strength to compete with joint venture brands at the same price.