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Chery New Tiggo 3: Exceptional Quality, For You to Enjoy 2015-10-30 17:53:00
Chery Finance Service specially customizes exclusive financing programs for it. During the special offer, every buyer of New Tiggo 3 can choose the 1-year loan provided by Chery Finance Service, to enjoy zero interest and fast loan approval in 2 hours. You can choose either of the following 2 programs according to your current financial status:
Program 1: a down payment as low as 20% of the full price, a length of maturity of 12 months, equal monthly installments, and no interest.
Program 2: a down payment equal to 50% of the full price, a length of maturity of 12 months, one repayment in full for the loan on maturity, no monthly installment, and no interest. New Tiggo 3 creates a new life with no burden for you.
The special offer ends on Dec. 31. There are also other special offers. Please inquire of the local dealers for details.
As Good as Cars Made by Joint Ventures
Following Chery’s forward R&D process and standard, New Tiggo 3 achieves major enhancements and improvements in quality, including sensory quality, manufacturing technique, as well as changes in power, comfort and configuration. It incisively and vividly embodies the essence of Chery products under its new brand image“As Good as Cars Made by Joint Ventures”In model design, the family elements of current Chery Automobile are injected.
As a compact urban SUV, New Tiggo 3’s length, width and height reach 4420mm×1760mm×1670mm. Compared with similar models, the superior dimensions not only make it be manly and magnificent in appearance, but also lay a foundation for the spacious interior space. In configuration, New Tiggo 3 keeps multiple classic devices of the old model, and adds many fashionable devices in our everyday life to meet user needs based on the current international and domestic car market trends, such as a vehicle-mounted Bluetooth system and a 6.5-inch touch LCD screen, which have finds favor in more young consumers’ eyes.